Greetings, all

This is the time of year where we reflect on all good things

Which have taken place in 2016 and all the people who

Have made it possible.

We have had a very tough year, one filled with many challenges,

but we took the challenges on and have survived.

We have inherited considerable debt from past management

And this was our main challenge and still is.

Hopefully we will overcome in 2017.

The support we received in 2016 was terrific and

Received with much gratitude.

To the Department of Social Development - Western Cape

Thank you

To our supporters, friends, donors and those who have contributed so much

Thank you very, very much

To the staff… well done and thank you for everything

To the Mancom members…. I am a dwarf amongst giants

Thank you for your support and commitment.

To all, I wish a joyous Xmas and a very prosperous and happy 2017.

Exciting happenings will be taking place in 2017